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from 72 M2 to 307 M2

Blue Waves

from 72 M2 to 307 M2

125 meters above the sea

from 72 M2 to 307 M2

100% Sea View

from 72 M2 to 307 M2

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Vacations Redefined. Worries Left Behind Radiating freedom, serenity and ultimate relaxation vibes, Jebal integrates nature in its core and balances it well with contemporary architecture. Designed for those seeking a worry-free haven with a unique view over the Red Sea. Embedding luxury in every corner, every space at Jebal is best utilized to serve its residents with a unique vacation experience. Each facility and service at Jebal compliments the vibe you need for holidays that last all year!

Vacations Redefined .. Worries Left Behind​

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